Broustoù is a design project that explores the art of brushmaking using natural materials such as French horsehair from local draft horse breeds. The project is founded and led by Anne, a French designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The project's name, Broustoù, is Breton (a local language from Southwest Bretagne) for brushes, reflecting Anne's cultural heritage and the project's focus on preserving traditional brushmaking techniques. French horsehair is a key material used in the project, known for its strength and durability. Broustoù works with local breeders to source high-quality horsehair and with artisans such as Corderie Palus for other natural materials.

Through Broustoù, Anne creates a range of brushes designed with a minimalist aesthetic that highlights the natural textures and patterns of the materials used.

The project was born of a collaboration between Anne and her sister, an ethological horse trainer, with the common desire of valorizing draft horses through a handcrafted product: a simple, humble and utilitarian object, manufactured to last. A brush made out of a wooden head, steel wire and horsehair. This natural fiber is harvested by hand on living and healthy horses: only a handful of the tail is cut - this is to not deprive them of their best tool against flies, and this is why there is a limited number of brushes available. The earthy and tangled tail of a horse grazing in the pastures is transformed into a clean bundle ready to be stacked on a wooden head. Anne learned to work with horsehair from Christian Augoyard, former director of the Manufacture Française du Crin and to make brushes by hand from Danish brush makers.

Many thanks to

Stinus, Éléna, Catherine, Yann, Tristan, Aurélie et la famille Texier, la famille Poezevara, Christian, Andréa et Catherine Augoyard, Ramuntxo Aguerre et sa famille, Bernard Magueur, Vincent Seité, Julie Gobert et le Haras de Lamballe, le Haras du Bohu, Carole, la Société Française des Équidés de Travail, Kristin Espedal, Blindes Arbejde, Éléonore Grignon, Anaïs Barelli, Regain Magazine, les contributeurs Kengo, la Région Bretagne. 


Portraits & production images — Anaïs Barelli
Campaign pictures Edition 01 — Claus Troedsgaard


Broustoù is supported by La Région Bretagne.


Anne Aziliz Texier
Copenhagen, Denmark
+45 31865504
VAT number: DK38213008