Broustoù is a design project bringing local draft horse breeds and local craftsmanship together by using horsehair to create brushes. Broustoù aims to pay tribute to (often endangered) horse breeds and rural territories by connecting agriculture to design, and to participate in the safeguard of the horsehair crafts, brush making and rural intangible heritage.

Edition #1 — Trait Breton 

If the Breton landscapes can be of pink granite, the large white sand beaches or those of small coves dot the coasts. During high tides, sea knives and mussels amateurs fish on foot, armed with rain boots and buckets. The Bretagne Edition is produced in a very limited number. The brush is handmade in Copenhagen by the craftsmen of Blindes Arbejde with natural horse hair collected on living and healthy Traits Bretons, a local draft horse breed. It can be used to either dust or polish your leather goods. Each brush is unique.

— Beech wood treated with linseed oil
— Steel thread
— Blond Trait Breton horsehair


Small marks on the wood and differences in color may appear due to artisanal process of making the brush.