Edition 01: Leather polish brush with Trait breton horsehair

From Porspoder to Lamballe, passionate men and women preserve the Trait Breton, an ancestral local horsebreed, through their profession or breeding competitions. They are foresters, breeders from father to son or market gardeners. Based in Plouigneau, Vincent Seité practices skidding throughout Bretagne: between two chainsaw cuts, his horses pull the wood without damaging the soil or the surrounding trees. In Lamballe, Julie Gobert watches over the Haras National and its few stallions which allow the genetic diversity of the breed. The horses of Bernard Magueur can be found on the dunes of the Pays d’Iroise, nose to the wind, on the tip of Bretagne where the land ends. The horsehair harvested is impregnated with the iodized air of the Atlantic, the soil of the Breton forests and blue sea thistles. But above all, it carries the story of these breeders. The wood of the brushes is tinted with pigmented linseed oil, revealing the veins of the beech. The colors are inspired by the pink hydrangeas generously bordering the stone houses, the beige sand of the Breton beaches or the orange sails of Sinagot, a small boat from Morbihan, colored with crushed pine bark.
The sale of the brushes will help financing the next edition.


This edition was made possible thanks to Bernard Magueur, Porspoder, Vincent Seité, Plouigneau, Julie Gobert et le Haras de Lamballe, le Haras du Bohu, Quessoy. 

Images by Anaïs Barelli.

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