Leather Polish Brush: Bruyère

Edition 01: Trait Breton.
Limited edition of 30 brushes.
Sent in a cardboard box handmade in Copenhagen.


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DescriptionBruyère:Heather. It covers the damp moors of the Breton seaside. Its color varies from white to purple. The Bretagne Edition is produced in a very limited number. The brush is handmade with natural horse hair collected on living and healthy Traits Bretons, a local breed. It can be used to either dust or polish your leather goods.

— Beech wood tinted with pigmented linseed oil
— Steel wire
— Brown mix of Trait Breton horsehair


Note Small marks on the wood and differences in color may appear due to the artisanal process of coloring and producing the brush. Color variation may also appear in horshair.

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